Winter Activities in Cantwell, Alaska


Cantwell Alaska is a spectacular Wintertime Alaskan Playground

Snowmobiling the Denali Highway (we call it snowmachining in Alaska) Is epic in the Cantwell Area. There is the backcountry for those with mountain sleds and the Denali Highway for those who enjoy machining on trails.

Cross Country & Backcountry Skiing

Cantwell is a winter wonderland. For the adventurous types you can make your own trails in the backcountry. There is also skate skiing on the Denali Highway.


Enjoy the Alaska Range and the wildlife by snowshoeing. Moose are everywhere in Cantwell in the winter.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) Viewing

The Northern Lights on clear winter nights are absolutely spectacular. Many of our winter guests are here to just view the extraordinary aurora borealis. Also on clear days the views of Mt. Denali are astounding.

Aerial 360 view from above Backwoods Lodge